Peter Douglas

Raynesway Dental Specialist orthodontic practice is one of the largest in Derby, who also provide Cosmetic treatment, Implants and Facial rejuvenation. Our friendly team of highly experienced clinicians includes a specialist orthodontist, dentists, orthodontic therapists and hygiensts, who are on hand to provide an exceptional level of service and the best that dentistry can offer.

We have a wonderful team of dedicated staff and together we aim to make you smile with confidence. We provide our services in a modern, friendly atmosphere using up to date equipment, materials and techniques to create great smiles and achieve results that have a positive impact on your lifestyle.

I set up Raynesway Dental in 1988 to provide a high quality, comprehensive dental and orthodontic service that is good value for money, housed in a high tech practice run by a friendly team. The practice used to be a sweet shop many years ago and we are now filling the cavities from the sweets they sold, it has gone full circle.

The practice has grown from just my wife and I to a busy specialist practice with a very good reputation, not being the cheapest but providing high quality work that is good value for money.

I used to travel down to Harley Street years ago to watch a superb Australian dentist called Barry Edwards. He treated a lot of celebrities and surrounded himself with beautiful staff. He was very laid back and performed excellent dentistry. I realised that was what I wanted to do and aimed to forget the stuffy English model I had been taught. I believe we have achieved this aim and have a very informal, relaxing and friendly practice that always strives to carry out state-of-the-art dentistry.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family.

- Peter Douglas, specialist orthodontist and practice owner