According to several reports published in the last few years, 20 million people over the age of 40 wear dentures. They might be a full replacement set of teeth, or just partial. They might be due to accident and injury, or they might be due to dental problems. Whatever the individual case, dentures are a cosmetic choice that will restore your smile, as well as provide some health benefits.

Simply not restoring your mouth to its former aesthetic glory once you’ve lost a tooth or some teeth, can have very unpleasant side effects. These include sagging facial muscles and a receding jawline, which together can age your profile prematurely, as well as lead to painful tooth decay. The tooth decay is caused by your existing teeth shifting into new positions that create hard to reach surfaces that will remain untouched by your toothbrush.

With dentures in place, eating will become easier and your speech will be clearer, not to mention the fact you’ll be able to smile again without feeling self conscious.


Signs of needing a denture.

Tooth loss doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s good to be prepared. The faster a dental implant can be fitted following losing a tooth, the more successful the results. Have you been suffering from any of the following?

  • Your teeth are loose, with or without any discomfort and your gums are red and bleeding when you brush.
  • Are you experiencing any toothache or tooth sensitivity?
  • Do you suffer from indigestion? If your teeth are unable to chew properly, you may be swallowing large chunks of food that are hard to digest.
  • You are already missing a few teeth and you’ve noticed your remaining teeth moving from their original positions. Perhaps you’d like to explore the denture options available to you for cosmetic reasons?

If you’ve experienced any of the above, you probably need a check up to help determine what the problem might be.


The denture process

¬†Gone are the days when removable dentures on a palette were popular. Dental trends have changed significantly. These days, dentures are anchored to your mouth using a number of dental implants, which are fitted to your jawbone. They are a long term solution to tooth loss and unlike the palette design, you’ll be able to your taste food and avoid major speech problems.

Additionally, thanks to the implants, your facial muscles and jawbone will be preserved for longer. Previously, denture wearers have had to simply put up with the accelerated signs of ageing that a receding jawbone causes.

Dentures anchored on implants look natural, are discreet and will give you the confidence to smile widely and laugh out loud. You won’t need to worry about them falling out and you will continue to enjoy your food. If you’d like to boost your self esteem with a very affordable set of ultra modern dentures, please give our experienced dental team a call. We can fit full or partial dentures and, please rest assured, we will guide you through the whole process, with no hidden costs. Get in touch today.