Not all dentists are the same. I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories from people you know about which dentist not to visit. The reasons for their lack of good recommendation will inevitably stem from a bad experience that person has had as a patient at that practice. It only takes one bad experience; one instance of a particular dentist displaying a lack of customer care or unprofessional attitude and a clinic’s reputation can be damaged.

Here at Raynesway Dental in Derby, we don’t just care about appearances. We want our customers to receive the best possible treatment and care from our friendly, experienced dental staff, who not only have the high level of skills required to carry out the work to an excellent standard, but also make it a priority to put patients at ease and keep them informed of all aspects of the procedures they offer.

We want our customers to trust us to deliver advice and treatment that is in the patient’s best interests and be here for you, whenever you need us. Our attitude means that we see the same customers again and again and pride ourselves on our ability to keep the mouths of local Derbyshire families healthy and free from tooth decay and gum disease.

Our general dentistry services are of a very high standard, but another reason to choose us is our ability to provide affordable cosmetic treatments. Here are just a few of the ways we can improve your smile and consequently, your confidence in your facial appearance.


We can fit and maintain a number of different braces systems, for both adults and children. The braces we offer are discreet, precise and fix a huge range of tooth alignment problems. Whether you are suffering from an overbite, an underbite, tooth protrusion, overcrowding or too many gaps, our expert team will be able to offer a workable solution that fits conveniently into your lifestyle.

Six Month Smiles consists of clear brackets and wires that are barely visible. They can fix your front teeth in just six months. Invisible lingual braces are the orthodontic option used by celebrities, given that they fit onto the back of the teeth, straightening them with a gentle force from behind and in doing so are completely invisible. Invisalign is the big name in removable braces. A lack of social awkwardness is guaranteed with this type because you can remove them before you eat out with friends.

Dentures and implants

Having artificial teeth inserted in the form of implants, which are permanently fitted into your jawbone, won’t just clear up your speech and mealtime problems caused by having missing teeth, but will also preserve your cheek muscles and bone structure. Without teeth in place, natural or otherwise, your jawbone will inevitably shrink, creating the shrunken look around the lips that is often associated with traditional denture wearers. Avoid ageing yourself prematurely in this way, as well as enjoying your meals once again, by enquiring about our implant service. The camera prefers a toothy smile to a toothless one!

Teeth whitening

Our teeth naturally discolour with age and as a result of the quantities of tea, coffee, curry and fruit we consume. Professional whitening treatment will brighten your teeth safely by several shades, maintaining a natural look, making your smile infinitely more appealing.

As well as providing effective treatments that work well, supplying an excellent patient experience is key to our philosophy. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your consultation and treatment and we want you to feel happy with calling us whenever you need advice or a check up.

Our finance package, which allows patients to spread the dental costs, means our services are inclusive and affordable for everyone, but if you really want to see why we are best dental choice in Derby, come in and meet the team.