Want to know which are our most popular braces? We offer a range of options here and there’s a style to suit every budget and lifestyle preference. What we can tell you though, is that clear braces are growing in popularity. 

Healthcare news has announced that the number of patients opting for clear braces are gone up by 177%. With that in mind, we’re going to attempt to answer some of the most questions our Derby orthodontist get asked about our leading clear braces brand; Invisalign, most frequently.

What’s the youngest you can be and have braces fitted?

Children as young as 6 or 7 have had braces fitted, but we would need to examine the teeth of each individual case before making a recommendation.

How discreet are Invisalign braces?

Fitting over the teeth, rather like thin, custom made mouth guards, the aligner trays that make up Invisalign braces are very discreet when they’re in the place and won’t cause any embarrassment when you go out for a meal, because you’ll remove them beforehand. Aligner trays are taken out before eating or brushing your teeth.

How do Invisalign trays work?

They push your teeth into position as you wear them. You’ll wear a series of trays during your treatment period, with each tray being essential to the different steps on your journey.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

The nature of your Invisalign treatment will determine the treatment period. Mild alignment problems will take just a few months, while more severe cases can take over a year.

Are they comfortable to wear?

As with all braces, there will be a few days of adjustment, while you get used to the feeling of having them in your mouth. Once you’ve got over that, the fact that they have been custom made to fit your mouth exactly will mean that they’re very comfortable to wear.

Will they affect how I speak?

Perhaps initially, but only for the first few days, while you get used to them.

Will I need top and bottom aligners, if I only need one row of teeth corrected?

We fit top and bottom aligners in order to ensure an even bite. You could end up with a new bite problem, or an exacerbated one, should you only wear one tray.

How will I look following my Invisalign treatment?

The aim of the treatment is to bring your teeth into the most attractive alignment possible, as well as correct any alignment problems that are causing you discomfort. Your new smile will be beautiful and should enhance your facial appearance and smile.

If you’re ready to speak to our Derby orthodontist about the braces that are going to give you an improved smile, please get in touch with our friendly reception team. We look forward to booking you in for your first consultation and giving you all the information you need to know about our braces to make a informed choice about your treatment.