John Serrano-Davey who has over 35 years experience in straightening teeth (both for children and adults) has become a Diamond Invisalign Provider – one of only a few in the country.  A Diamond Invisalign status is the highest level achievable.  The award is based on the number of Invisalign cases completed in a calendar year, and is an indication of John’s knowledge and experience of using the treatment to help patients improve their smiles.  This honour is a great reward for the hard work the team have put in to provide our patients with an unparalleled Invisalign service – which we will continue to do so.  We would like to thank our team members and patients who have helped us to grow as Invisalign providers.

Whilst many Dentists prefer to reserve Invisalign for only the more simple cases, and prefer to offer fixed appliances “train-tracks” for complex cases, John’s almost unique background in having carried out over 5000 traditional fixed treatments, and also being a Diamond Invisalign provider means he has the knowledge, skills and ability to treat cases that were possibly deemed too difficult for Aligners. (His Diamond Status also allows him to offer very competitive prices on the easier cases too!)

As those of you who know him or have been treated by him will testify, he is passionate about his work, and to celebrate this milestone in his Orthodontic career, we are launching a Special Offer:

For those of you who have very mild crookedness, or have previously had orthodontic treatment but perhaps not worn your retainers as well as you should have, we are offering:

Invisalign i7 for just £995!
(and if you only require one arch treating, eg just the upper then it drops to an amazing £795 all inclusive).

We believe this is the first time the magic “£1000 barrier” has been bettered, and cannot offer this in conjunction with any of our other offers, but for many patients it will, we are sure, be just the ticket!

Remember, all our other Invisalign treatment types are still available from just £99 per month with interest-free credit, so come and meet us soon to see if our celebrations can help you celebrate a great smile too!

For a Complimentary Consultation, please call 01332 75 77 55  and see if we can help you smile more!