It’s no secret that we all want the perfect smile. A common concern for a lot of patients is that, somehow, their smile might be lacking. Whether this is through their teeth whiteness, their teeth not being straight, or even if they’re missing a few, it’s a common concern we encounter a lot. Smiling is a natural human movement; we’re happy, laughing, talking animatedly, and we’re showing our teeth. We want to feel confident when we smile, because it’s so natural and conveys so much joy, but when you’re not happy with your teeth it makes it difficult to show the world your grin. Could Invisalign really benefit you the way you suspect it could? Straightening your teeth is this easy…


Invisalign treatment is nearly invisible

Invisalign treatment benefits a lot of people because it’s nearly invisible. The aligners themselves are clear, so if you keep them clean and well-maintained then they should remain almost invisible when wearing them. This benefits a lot of our Invisalign patients because teeth straightening, especially with traditional braces, can be a little embarrassing and obvious. With Invisalign, you can avoid the tell-tale metal mouth effect, safely straightening your teeth without the stress of worrying what you look like during treatment.


Invisalign aligners are removable

Invisalign benefits a lot of patients because they’re removable. Traditional braces are fixed to your teeth for a matter of years and limit your dietary and lifestyle choices. Invisalign, on the other hand, are removable for eating, brushing, and the occasional social event. This means you can continue to straighten your teeth effectively while also maintaining the freedom of no apparatus in your mouth. These aligners will benefit you because they don’t limit you at all.


Invisalign are made-to-measure

Invisalign will benefit you because they’re made and moulded specifically to your teeth. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Invisalign because they are made to measure, and they gently guide your teeth into position. You receive a series of these aligners every few months, with the next one made available when you are ready and have worked through your current instalment, that gradually change position and shape. This ensures that your teeth are gradually guided into position rather than being painfully and uncomfortably forced by traditional braces.


Invisalign are comparatively faster

Invisalign work comparatively faster than traditional braces, because they focus only on your cosmetic smile. While they may help with bite issues as a side effect of teeth straightening, they’re perfect for those who are unhappy with their cosmetic smile but suffer no concerns with their bite and jaw function. This means that they can work far faster than traditional braces, because they focus all of their straightening power on improving your cosmetic smile.


There are countless benefits to these clear aligners and teeth straightening in general. If you saw one of our previous posts, you’ll already know the many health benefits of straightening your teeth. This treatment will not only straighten your cosmetic smile but improve your confidence in your smile tenfold. It’s effective, efficient, and achieves incredible results. If you’re interested in quickly and comfortably straightening your teeth, then call 01332 75 77 55 or enquire online today.