Dental implants are a trusted solution to tooth loss, with the treatment in practice for over 40 years. Each implant at Raynesway Dental Care has a screw foundation, produced with titanium, that connects to the jaw bone to substitute the root of the defective tooth. As implants are connected to the patient’s jaw, they provide a durable and reliable foundation for artificial teeth. Despite having elements of titanium, our dental implants are carefully designed to look natural and undetectable.

Dental implants are the best alternative to your natural teeth. At our Derby practice, implants are colour matched and shaped to blend in with your surrounding teeth giving you fantastic results and a beautiful smile to match. Even if someone were to analyse your teeth closely, they would remain undetectable.
Dentures and dental bridges are integrated directly to implants creating a more natural feel than traditional bridges and dentures; reducing issues with speech and eating and increasing sustainability proportionately. Even the most expertly placed dentures can become loose over time, but Raynesway Dental Care denture wearers feel at ease when they are connected to dental implants.

Why Raynesway Dental Care

Raynesway Dental Care specialise in practicing dental implant treatments, and have extensive past-experience and advanced training in implant techniques. Our Implant specialist Dr Ravi Talati has created incredible smiles with dental implants for more than a decade. Here is a typical patient experience at Raynesway Dental Care:

“Since day one I was treated with kindness and compassion. The staff are all friendly, helpful and very efficient. I now have straight and even teeth thanks to all at the practice.” Ollie, Facebook.

Prior to your treatment, you will attend a consultation, where your dentist will explain the procedure, discuss your personal needs, budget and tailor your treatment to reflect these factors as well as your dentist’s professional opinion. At Raynesway Dental Care we continue to invest in modern, state of the art technology as well as using innovative implant techniques to give our patients the best care possible. As a family-friendly clinic, we will treat you with exemplary care, support and comfort.

If you have any further questions regarding Dental Implants, or you would like to book a consultation, please contact our friendly team of experts who will be happy to provide additional information.