High quality cosmetic dentures can go a long way towards restoring your smile and the proper function of your teeth, but in our experience of providing dentures to patients in Derby and the surrounding areas, traditional cosmetic dentures have their limitations.

Every experience is different, but you may feel that your diet and enjoyment of food is restricted by your dentures, especially if you have a full denture with a plate that covers the roof of your mouth, or that your face looks older since you have become a denture wearer.

An unfortunate side effect of tooth loss is that, without the tooth and root to send important signals to your jaw bone, the bone begins to weaken and eventually breaks down around the site of the missing tooth. This bone loss is partially responsible for the sunken, ageing appearance that people sometimes have when they have many missing teeth, as well as the absence of the teeth themselves.

It is also this bone loss that can cause the fit of dentures to change and need adjusting over time. If your dentures have ever got to the point that they’ve felt loose, uncomfortable or prone to movement when you eat or talk, the culprit will be underlying bone loss.

Implant-retained dentures

More and more denture wearers are turning to implant-retained dentures as an option that can help to address this problem.

With these dentures, we place two or more dental implants into your jaw bone to provide a secure anchor for a special ball or bar attachment that your dental implants clip on to in order to keep them in the right place.

Implant-retained dentures have several key benefits. The presence of dental implants in your jaw bones acts in much the same way as a root by stimulating a process called ossification, i.e. the natural process of bone formation. This can help to prevent bone loss at and around the implant site, preserving your underlying facial structure more than dentures can on their own.

As the dental implants fit directly into your jaw bone and are held in place by osseointegration, where the bone forms a direct connection with the titanium implant, the provide a solid, fixed foundation for your dentures, which means that you can have complete confidence that your dentures will stay in place when you’re talking, eating, biting or laughing.

Implant-retained dentures are also popular because they don’t require a plate to cover the roof of your mouth. This means that you should be able to taste food properly once again and enjoy a wider range of foods because your bite is more reliable and your teeth are unable to move.

With implant-retained dentures, it’s easier than ever before to keep the fact that you’re wearing dentures to yourself if you don’t want other people to know. When you come to Raynesway Dental, we’ll make sure that your implant-retained dentures look 100% natural and feel comfortable to wear.

Come in for a chat – we think we can change how you view dentures forever.

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