This is one of the most common questions regarding dental implants. They may seem like a financial commitment and take a little bit of time to heal, but at the end of your treatment journey are they really worth it all? Well, we’re going to share with you why we think they’re worth it because of all their hidden benefits…



Dental implants are definitely worth it if you’re seeking a tooth replacement option that will stand the test of time. Dental implants are made of strong stuff, their roots fuse with your jawbone, and with the correct care for yourself and visits to your dentist they could last you the rest of your life. They’re designed to be a permanent tooth replacement solution, so as long as you brush and floss your teeth they could last you a lifetime. We find a lot of patients find them extremely reliable, and it must be incredibly satisfying to not have to worry about a missing tooth.



Many people find dentures to be underwhelming. They’re secured with a strange tasting glue, can come loose at any time, and are messy to put in and take out. They require cleaning and soaking overnight and can be embarrassing at meal times and can dislodge or shift with chewing. Dental implants don’t come with this kind of uncertainty. Because their titanium root encourages your jaw bone to heal around it, they have a strong foundation in your mouth and will therefore not shift or budge, not even when chewing. There’s no need to limit your diet, no more embarrassment if they slip while talking or eating, and no need to worry about messy glue.


Health benefits

We’ve discovered the health benefits of dental implants in a separate blog post, but one of the most pressing benefits is how they help your jaw bone. When you lose a tooth, the root dies and the part of jaw bone it was fixed to thinks it is no longer needed. The tooth and the bone enjoy a symbiotic relationship, staying strong in support of themselves and each other. Losing and not replacing a tooth leads to bone resorption, which is when the bone stops growing and begins to break away. This threatens the other teeth attached to healthy parts of the jaw bone and contributes to lack of facial structure. This is why denture-wearers can see a ‘caved in’ effect in their mouth, because their jaw bone is weakening despite their denture. The titanium roots of the dental implants invite the bone to heal around them, keeping it strong and alive and therefore healthy. What’s more is that if you begin to notice this caved in appearance and decide you’d like dental implants after all, more preparation is needed for decreased bone health than if you act relatively soon after losing the tooth.


Dental implants in Derby

We at Raynesway Dental believe that dental implants in Debry are more than worth it. They’re an investment into your prolonged dental health, lifestyle, and confidence. Find out more about implant dentistry with us today, enquire online or get in touch on 01332 75 77 55 to book your initial consultation.