As fun as Christmas is, it takes a lot of forward thinking and planning, right? Family gatherings, coordinating Christmas dinner with the numerous TV specials, and syncing social calendars is a stretch for lots of us. We’d hazard to guess that amongst all the workplace Secret Santa preparations, school plays, and shopping that your dental hygiene is being pushed further and further down the list of your priorities. You’re not entirely blameless, but sometimes it feels like the easiest option to skip out on brushing your teeth or have that extra glass of white wine. We want to help make your Christmas merry and bright for you and your teeth by providing our guidance on how to maintain your dental hygiene this holiday season!


Can I get you something to drink?

Alcohol intake over Christmas obviously increases. Whether you’re planning a big party or are just having one or two drinks with dinner, the social occasions in which drinking is encouraged positively double over Christmas. This means that you’re exposing your teeth to plenty of tannins, sugars, and acids that all have detrimental effects on your smile. Tannins are fruit or leaf pigments in drinks like red wine that give it its heady flavour and dark colouring. Unfortunately, these organic particles also stain your teeth! The acidic concentration in white wine and popular spirit-mixers fizzy drinks (which also contain sugar) attacks your protective enamel, stripping your teeth of their safe-guarding. When drinking alcohol, whether at a party or the dinner table, should be kept in moderation. When you can, drink through a straw to limit the contact these drinks have with your teeth and periodically rinse your mouth round with water. This will rinse any residual acids and pigments away while restoring a more natural pH balance to your mouth.


Snacking on sweet treats

Sugar intake also increases around the holidays because we let our hair down a little more. Sweet treats in moderation are absolutely fine, but it’s important you know what they could do to yours and your children’s teeth. Sugar is unavoidable at Christmas and it’s not so much about how much we eat, but how we eat it. For example, constant grazing is extremely bad for your teeth. Constantly dipping in and out of sweets here, chocolate there keeps up a steady flow of sugars and acids throughout the day, lengthening our teeth’s exposure time. If you could limit your sugar intake to meal times or a designated snack time rather than frequently picking at things, you could save your enamel a whole lot of bother!


Don’t skip out on your dental hygiene routines!

Christmas throws off your daily routine. You’re off work, possibly going to bed and rising in the morning later, and you might be cramming far more or far less into your daily life. Because of this delineation, you might fall out of some routines like brushing your teeth too. Whether you’ve had a long day of playing host, last-minute shopping, or are coming home from a party, you just want to relax and snuggle up in bed. Before you do so, always remember to brush your teeth before your head hits the pillow! This goes for tired-out children who are absolutely zapped after an exciting day or presents and playing. It’s very tempting to just let sleep take you after a long day, but don’t give in! Always brush your teeth and floss before bed.


Have a merry Christmas from all of us at Raynesway Dental in Derby, and don’t forget to book your last-minute appointments before the holidays! Enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 01332 75 77 55 today.