When you’re suffering from toothache, or bleeding from the mouth, the last thing you want to find out is that your dentist’s surgery is closed. Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that should your teeth or gums require urgent attention, then a highly skilled dentist will be on hand to solve the problems you’re having?

Here at the Raynesway dental practice, you’ll be able to access one of our dental team throughout the day and night. If you suffer an injury to the face, you get an object stuck between your teeth, your face swells due to an abscess, or you simply need to make the pain stop, we can help. There are a number of different conditions that constitute a dental emergency and in order to ensure you’re getting the help you need, when you want it, there will always be somebody at the end of the phone, who can direct you, whatever time you call us.

Why it’s important to have an emergency dentist

It doesn’t matter what time you suffer a tooth or gum emergency, as whenever it happens, it’s distressing. If your accident or infection happens during office hours then there’s still no guarantee your dentist will be able to fit you in. However, if an emergency dentist is available at any time, such as is the case with our practice, then you know that help is close by.

Infections can spread through the blood stream fast and knocked-out teeth are more likely to be replaced, the quicker you get to the dentist. In both of these cases, waiting until the dental surgery re-opens could be the wrong decision.

Bear in mind that small injuries can have a serious impact on your dental health in the same way more obviously significant problems can. If you’re suffering from pain in your tooth or gums, even if it seems manageable, then there’s a chance the injury or infection has also damaged the tissues, nerves, or blood vessels in the same area.

How the emergency dentist at the Raynesway practice can help you

As soon as you experience what you perceive to be a dental emergency, give us a call. We’ll be able to make a basic assessment over the phone as to whether you need to come and see our dentist or not. We can potentially prevent further dental damage and more serious health consequences from occurring by seeing you straightaway in the case of an emergency and provide you with immediate and effective pain relief.

If you’d like the reassurance of joining a dental practice that can cater for your needs 24/7, please get in touch to register with us. Our friendly reception team are waiting to help guide you through the registering process and book you in for your first appointment. As well as offering general treatment and hygiene appointments, we also offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help improve the look of your smile.