If you’re a patient of Raynesway Dental in Derby, you’ll already know about our great quality of care, our friendly staff, and our expert array of treatments. If you’re not, however, then you’re always welcome to join us! We look forward to any opportunity to showcase our talents, but if you haven’t popped into our dental practice before here’s why you should…

Over 30 years of experience

Our practice owner, specialist orthodontist, and dentist Peter Douglas first opened the practice in 1988, and has been providing expert dental care ever since. Since then, our dental practice grown to welcome many patients and have taken on plenty of experienced staff members. In fact, some staff members have been with us for 10, even 20 years! We want to be your lifelong partners in dental health and we’re so proud of our team and practice, so you know you’ll be receiving the best care from the best people.


Recognised excellence by Invisalign

Our dentist, John Serrano-Davey, has been with us for over 20 years, and is one of Derby’s few Diamond Invisalign providers. This means that John has been recognised by Invisalign as being extremely experienced in providing excellent and discrete brace solutions. This is Invisalign’s highest accreditation, so you can trust John’s experience in straightening your teeth.


Brace solutions to suit all

As well as Invisalign, our specialist orthodontists can offer you many other teeth straightening solutions, so you can receive the treatment that’s best for you. We offer discrete braces to suit all manner of budgets and patient needs, so you can straighten your teeth safely and effectively. All of our placements and appointments are conducted at our Derby dental practice, so if you are considering adult braces then feel free to get in contact.


Confidence in cosmetic dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry ranges from teeth whitening, to dental implants, to cosmetic dentures, to porcelain veneers. Brighter, straighter teeth can improve your confidence tenfold, and replacing missing teeth can restore form and function to your smile. All we want is to see you smile, so if you are considering cosmetic dental treatment you know who to visit (hint: it’s us).


Not just dental aesthetics…

Our dental practice not only offers cosmetic dentistry, but we can also provide facial aesthetics treatment. Our resident dentist of over 10 years, Sonia Tank, can effectively use dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to address lost volume and fine lines in the face. We pride ourselves on all facial aesthetic treatment looking natural, working hard to give you a fresher face rather than tell-tale and distinctive treatment.


Putting your best food forward

Not only do we look after your dental health, but we can also take care of your feet’s health too. Our friendly team are experienced in addressing concerns like corns, callouses, in growing toe nails, and verrucas. We can also perform toenail surgery. We are health experts in many different areas, so you can trust us with your treatments and conditions!


We’re so proud to offer a well-rounded range of treatments and specialisms. From dental health, to facial aesthetics, and even to chiropody, we have a solution for your concerns. We relish any opportunity to meet potential new patients and help them to achieve the best results, be they health-related or cosmetic, as efficiently as we can. Contact us today to book your new patient appointment; speak to a friendly member of staff on 01332 757755 or book online!