Raynesway Dental Practice are one of the largest dental practices that offer expert-led Orthodontic treatments in Derby. Our team of highly experienced practitioners pride themselves on providing exemplary-level care and support to patients, as well as aiming to achieve dazzling results.  

Our Adult Orthodontic dental services are focussed on straightening your teeth to give you the confidence of a fantastic smile. To achieve this result, our patients have access to a range of innovative, fast and discreet braces.  


Invisalign braces are detachable, clear aligners that straighten your smile whilst remaining virtually invisible! This innovative teeth straightening treatment is easy to fit in to your lifestyle, as the clear braces are easy to care for, and cause little disruption to your current lifestyle. Aside from removing your aligners for meal times, drinking and brushing, your clear braces should be worn throughout the day – for a minimum of 22 hours a day to achieve the most effective results. However, patients are able to remove the braces for a special occasion, or night out every once in a while. The versatile treatment allows you to be your true self, and show off your gorgeous smile during your treatment and afterwards!  

Six Month Smiles 

Six Month Smiles braces are the perfect choice for patients with mild-moderate misalignment, that are looking to straighten only their most prominent teeth. The fast-by-nature braces are connected with Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires which have a discreet appearance. This incredible treatment focuses on your Social 6 to ensure a speedy yet effective service. Your Social 6 are your six front teeth, and referred to as ‘social’ because these are the most noticeable teeth. While using the mechanics of traditional braces, Six Month Smile correct the aesthetic of your teeth; rather than trying to modify your bite. 

If you would like to discover the most suitable treatment to straighten your smile and boost your self-confidence, why not book a FREE consultation with our friendly and informative team of dental specialists?