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How to clean your Invisalign Aligners

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A task that can come across annoying and repetitive but something that cannot be avoided. Cleaning your Invisalign aligners are just as important as cleaning your teeth because not only do you minimise the risk of your Invisalign trays cracking, you’re also limiting your teeth you could experience. At Raynesway Dental Practice, we cannot stress enough that all Invisalign users need to maintain their cleanliness and keep the quality at an all-time high and have curated some cleaning tips below. Read More…

Are braces good for your health?

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We all know braces are great for straightening your teeth. That’s what they’re there for, right, for straightening your teeth? Well, they’re actually capable of so much more. At Raynesway Dental in Derby, we don’t just look after your teeth. We care for your gums, your jaw bone, even your feet if you need it! This means that we’re extremely happy to straighten your teeth, but there are also so many health benefits of braces that affect the rest of your mouth.

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Braces and their journey through history

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Braces in Derby are expertly placed by our team of experienced dentists, but they weren’t always this safe. Braces, like many reputable dental and medical breakthroughs, have had a long journey of development and investment. From their first conception they’ve been investigated, honed, and modernised ten times over. But, where exactly was their first conception?

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