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Why you need air polishing before teeth whitening

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Our teeth naturally discolour as we get older and if we smoke, then we exacerbate that process. Did you know that a third of smokers have, on average, at least three ongoing dental issues? Staining occurs when the particles from certain foods and drinks, known to cause stains, pass through outer surfaces of the tooth and accumulate in the enamel. The usual culprits are coffee, tea, curries, berries, beetroot and wine.

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Choose us as your emergency dentist in Derby

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When you’re suffering from toothache, or bleeding from the mouth, the last thing you want to find out is that your dentist’s surgery is closed. Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that should your teeth or gums require urgent attention, then a highly skilled dentist will be on hand to solve the problems you’re having?

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