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Begin your smile transformation today

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A famous study into the effects of smiling discovered that when someone smiles at us, we are compelled to smile back. Our compulsion to reciprocate means a stranger’s smile can literally take over the muscles on our faces. But what does this mean if you’re lacking in smile confidence? If there are features of your smile about which you feel self-conscious, are you giving off the wrong signals to the people you meet, giving them a wrong impression of you? You might benefit from a smile transformation.

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How to maintain your dental hygiene this Christmas

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As fun as Christmas is, it takes a lot of forward thinking and planning, right? Family gatherings, coordinating Christmas dinner with the numerous TV specials, and syncing social calendars is a stretch for lots of us. We’d hazard to guess that amongst all the workplace Secret Santa preparations, school plays, and shopping that your dental hygiene is being pushed further and further down the list of your priorities. You’re not entirely blameless, but sometimes it feels like the easiest option to skip out on brushing your teeth or have that extra glass of white wine. We want to help make your Christmas merry and bright for you and your teeth by providing our guidance on how to maintain your dental hygiene this holiday season!

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