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Are dermal fillers safe?

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Lots of people are very mindful of what they put into their body primarily in the forms of food and drink, but a lot of patients stretch this concern to which treatments they receive. This is rightly so, because happy patients are informed and comfortable patients. When undergoing treatments that some might find daunting – ranging from restorative dentistry to injectable facial aesthetics – it’s important to know you’re in safe hands and undergoing a safe procedure. At our Derby dental practice, we offer dermal fillers for all patients who receive our consult first. But are dermal fillers safe?

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How dental implants improve your dental health

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30% of adults smile more than 20 times day. According to numerous surveys these will be the same people who are more likely to be promoted at work and lucky in love. Smiles are powerful! 14% of adults smile less then 5 times a day. If you fall into this latter category, is it because you’re embarrassed about your smile – because you have missing teeth? Dental implants can restore your smile and your self confidence.

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Invisalign vs. Fixed Braces

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You’ve reached the point where you know your teeth would benefit from better alignment, but with such a dizzying array of adult braces available on the marketplace, which should you choose? Every dentist will have their preferred brand, but here at the Raynesway Dental clinic near Derby, we recommend Invisalign every time.

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