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Are braces good for your health?

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We all know braces are great for straightening your teeth. That’s what they’re there for, right, for straightening your teeth? Well, they’re actually capable of so much more. At Raynesway Dental in Derby, we don’t just look after your teeth. We care for your gums, your jaw bone, even your feet if you need it! This means that we’re extremely happy to straighten your teeth, but there are also so many health benefits of braces that affect the rest of your mouth.

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Cosmetic dentistry: how to improve your smile

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With summer fast approaching, we all want to look good. Whether you have a holiday coming up, a special occasion, or even a graduation, you’ll be grinning and laughing the entire time. It’s difficult to smile when you’re not confident in how your teeth look, and this can really take its toll on your special summer occasion. Here are three ways that Raynesway Dental and our effective cosmetic dentistry solutions will improve your smile.

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