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Skipping the dentist: the shocking statistics

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We know that life can get in the way of you and your dental appointments. We completely understand, but we’d still like to reiterate that you should try and see us as often as you need. This is why we recommend making time for one single appointment and then maintaining a nice chain of follow-ups afterwards. For example, book your next dentist appointment when you check-out of your first, and create a habit of expecting your next appointment rather than forgetting. We know for busy lifestyles and families this can be difficult, but please don’t take it as far as this recent research shows…

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Braces and their journey through history

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Braces in Derby are expertly placed by our team of experienced dentists, but they weren’t always this safe. Braces, like many reputable dental and medical breakthroughs, have had a long journey of development and investment. From their first conception they’ve been investigated, honed, and modernised ten times over. But, where exactly was their first conception?

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