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Lifestyle tips from your dentist that affect your teeth

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‘We are what we eat’ has never been truer than for your teeth. It’s your teeth that make first contact with the foods and drink you consume, and it’s your teeth that are often the first to tell us that there may be a problem. Are you aware of how a healthy lifestyle, or an unhealthy one, could be affecting your dental health? Here are our lifestyle tips straight from the dentist on how to maintain your dental health.

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Why you need air polishing before teeth whitening

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Our teeth naturally discolour as we get older and if we smoke, then we exacerbate that process. Did you know that a third of smokers have, on average, at least three ongoing dental issues? Staining occurs when the particles from certain foods and drinks, known to cause stains, pass through outer surfaces of the tooth and accumulate in the enamel. The usual culprits are coffee, tea, curries, berries, beetroot and wine.

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Choose us as your emergency dentist in Derby

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When you’re suffering from toothache, or bleeding from the mouth, the last thing you want to find out is that your dentist’s surgery is closed. Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that should your teeth or gums require urgent attention, then a highly skilled dentist will be on hand to solve the problems you’re having?

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Can Invisalign fix my bite?

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We talk a lot about transforming smiles here at Down House Dental, but braces began with correcting teeth first, smiles second. While the two have become inseparable now, a lot of patients still want to get their treatment and money’s worth by improving their bite while the work to achieve their new smile. Of course, the cosmetic benefits of Invisalign are well-documented as the braces themselves are clear and discreet, but do they help correct mouth function too?

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Are dental implants worth it?

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This is one of the most common questions regarding dental implants. They may seem like a financial commitment and take a little bit of time to heal, but at the end of your treatment journey are they really worth it all? Well, we’re going to share with you why we think they’re worth it because of all their hidden benefits…

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Begin your smile transformation today

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A famous study into the effects of smiling discovered that when someone smiles at us, we are compelled to smile back. Our compulsion to reciprocate means a stranger’s smile can literally take over the muscles on our faces. But what does this mean if you’re lacking in smile confidence? If there are features of your smile about which you feel self-conscious, are you giving off the wrong signals to the people you meet, giving them a wrong impression of you? You might benefit from a smile transformation.

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How to maintain your dental hygiene this Christmas

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As fun as Christmas is, it takes a lot of forward thinking and planning, right? Family gatherings, coordinating Christmas dinner with the numerous TV specials, and syncing social calendars is a stretch for lots of us. We’d hazard to guess that amongst all the workplace Secret Santa preparations, school plays, and shopping that your dental hygiene is being pushed further and further down the list of your priorities. You’re not entirely blameless, but sometimes it feels like the easiest option to skip out on brushing your teeth or have that extra glass of white wine. We want to help make your Christmas merry and bright for you and your teeth by providing our guidance on how to maintain your dental hygiene this holiday season!

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A chiropodist’s top tips for basic foot care

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At this Derby dental practice, we don’t just take care of your teeth. Of course, we all try and look after our teeth the best we can. Brushing, flossing, watching what we eat, it all contributes to healthy gums and mouth. However, lots of people don’t apply this same courtesy to their feet. Lots of us are too happy to just stand in the shower, letting the shower gel wash down your body and down the drain without paying any attention to our feet, but this isn’t right! Feet deserve a little TLC, so here are our chiropodist’s top tips on your basic and day to day foot care.

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Mouth Cancer Action Month 2018

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Mouth cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world and accounts for around 2% of the cancers diagnosed in the UK. When detected early, it’s survival rate is an impressive 9 out of 10, but we want to build those odds. Early detection is crucial to treating it, so its vitally important that you know the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer. Detecting changes in your mouth early on could make all the difference, so with November being Mouth Cancer Action Month we thought we’d share with you exactly what to look out for.

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