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Why you need air polishing before teeth whitening

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Our teeth naturally discolour as we get older and if we smoke, then we exacerbate that process. Did you know that a third of smokers have, on average, at least three ongoing dental issues? Staining occurs when the particles from certain foods and drinks, known to cause stains, pass through outer surfaces of the tooth and accumulate in the enamel. The usual culprits are coffee, tea, curries, berries, beetroot and wine.

There is a way to remove stains however, so tea-drinkers and balti-fans need not worry! Here at Raynesway we offer a very effective stain removal surface, which involves an air polish, followed by a safe and reliable cosmetic tooth whitening treatment. You’ll gain confidence in your smile and if the research is correct, the more we smile – the more happy hormones we release, so your mood will improve too!

How teeth whitening can boost your smile

Unfortunately, as well as looking unsightly, yellowing teeth can also have an ageing effect on the face. This is because we naturally associate discoloured teeth with maturity. A teeth whitening treatment will not only make your teeth several shades whiter and enhance your smile but should also provide a facial rejuvenation.

It’s quite a simple procedure. You’ll visit us for your consultation and we’ll make custom trays to fit your mouth exactly. It’s into these trays, you’ll apply the bleaching gel we provide. The trays will then be worn overnight. The effects will become obvious almost immediately. If you’re embarking on a teeth whitening treatment, using a dentally prescribed product is really your only option if you want to avoid the risk of blistering, or not achieving any visible benefits. Home kits have been known to cause injury and not have any effect at all.

What does an air polish involve?

The other huge advantage of having one of our teeth whitening treatments is that we’ll prepare your teeth with an air polish first. This will ensure your teeth are free from food deposits and have an even surface, ready to receive the whitening gel. This is how we get such great results.

During the air polish, your teeth will be blasted by a stream of compressed, air and powder particles. This will remove food and stains. It’s gentle on the teeth and can reduce any sensitivity you’ve been feeling. It’s so gentle, in fact, it can even be used on dental implants.

If you’re interested in improving the look of your smile, a tooth whitening treatment is a very cost effective and painless way of doing so. Studies have shown that attractive smiles are known to help put you in line for promotion, have a hand in getting you recruited in the first place and can make you luckier in love! Please get in touch with our reception team to find out more and book your consultation. We pride ourselves on being very flexible in our appointment times, as well as providing a welcoming atmosphere to our comfortable, modern surgery.

Choose us as your emergency dentist in Derby

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When you’re suffering from toothache, or bleeding from the mouth, the last thing you want to find out is that your dentist’s surgery is closed. Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that should your teeth or gums require urgent attention, then a highly skilled dentist will be on hand to solve the problems you’re having?

Here at the Raynesway dental practice, you’ll be able to access one of our dental team throughout the day and night. If you suffer an injury to the face, you get an object stuck between your teeth, your face swells due to an abscess, or you simply need to make the pain stop, we can help. There are a number of different conditions that constitute a dental emergency and in order to ensure you’re getting the help you need, when you want it, there will always be somebody at the end of the phone, who can direct you, whatever time you call us.

Why it’s important to have an emergency dentist

It doesn’t matter what time you suffer a tooth or gum emergency, as whenever it happens, it’s distressing. If your accident or infection happens during office hours then there’s still no guarantee your dentist will be able to fit you in. However, if an emergency dentist is available at any time, such as is the case with our practice, then you know that help is close by.

Infections can spread through the blood stream fast and knocked-out teeth are more likely to be replaced, the quicker you get to the dentist. In both of these cases, waiting until the dental surgery re-opens could be the wrong decision.

Bear in mind that small injuries can have a serious impact on your dental health in the same way more obviously significant problems can. If you’re suffering from pain in your tooth or gums, even if it seems manageable, then there’s a chance the injury or infection has also damaged the tissues, nerves, or blood vessels in the same area.

How the emergency dentist at the Raynesway practice can help you

As soon as you experience what you perceive to be a dental emergency, give us a call. We’ll be able to make a basic assessment over the phone as to whether you need to come and see our dentist or not. We can potentially prevent further dental damage and more serious health consequences from occurring by seeing you straightaway in the case of an emergency and provide you with immediate and effective pain relief.

If you’d like the reassurance of joining a dental practice that can cater for your needs 24/7, please get in touch to register with us. Our friendly reception team are waiting to help guide you through the registering process and book you in for your first appointment. As well as offering general treatment and hygiene appointments, we also offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help improve the look of your smile.

Can Invisalign fix my bite?

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We talk a lot about transforming smiles here at Down House Dental, but braces began with correcting teeth first, smiles second. While the two have become inseparable now, a lot of patients still want to get their treatment and money’s worth by improving their bite while the work to achieve their new smile. Of course, the cosmetic benefits of Invisalign are well-documented as the braces themselves are clear and discreet, but do they help correct mouth function too?

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Are dental implants worth it?

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This is one of the most common questions regarding dental implants. They may seem like a financial commitment and take a little bit of time to heal, but at the end of your treatment journey are they really worth it all? Well, we’re going to share with you why we think they’re worth it because of all their hidden benefits…

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Begin your smile transformation today

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A famous study into the effects of smiling discovered that when someone smiles at us, we are compelled to smile back. Our compulsion to reciprocate means a stranger’s smile can literally take over the muscles on our faces. But what does this mean if you’re lacking in smile confidence? If there are features of your smile about which you feel self-conscious, are you giving off the wrong signals to the people you meet, giving them a wrong impression of you? You might benefit from a smile transformation.

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How to maintain your dental hygiene this Christmas

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As fun as Christmas is, it takes a lot of forward thinking and planning, right? Family gatherings, coordinating Christmas dinner with the numerous TV specials, and syncing social calendars is a stretch for lots of us. We’d hazard to guess that amongst all the workplace Secret Santa preparations, school plays, and shopping that your dental hygiene is being pushed further and further down the list of your priorities. You’re not entirely blameless, but sometimes it feels like the easiest option to skip out on brushing your teeth or have that extra glass of white wine. We want to help make your Christmas merry and bright for you and your teeth by providing our guidance on how to maintain your dental hygiene this holiday season!

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A chiropodist’s top tips for basic foot care

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At this Derby dental practice, we don’t just take care of your teeth. Of course, we all try and look after our teeth the best we can. Brushing, flossing, watching what we eat, it all contributes to healthy gums and mouth. However, lots of people don’t apply this same courtesy to their feet. Lots of us are too happy to just stand in the shower, letting the shower gel wash down your body and down the drain without paying any attention to our feet, but this isn’t right! Feet deserve a little TLC, so here are our chiropodist’s top tips on your basic and day to day foot care.

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Mouth Cancer Action Month 2018

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Mouth cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world and accounts for around 2% of the cancers diagnosed in the UK. When detected early, it’s survival rate is an impressive 9 out of 10, but we want to build those odds. Early detection is crucial to treating it, so its vitally important that you know the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer. Detecting changes in your mouth early on could make all the difference, so with November being Mouth Cancer Action Month we thought we’d share with you exactly what to look out for.

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Are dermal fillers safe?

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Lots of people are very mindful of what they put into their body primarily in the forms of food and drink, but a lot of patients stretch this concern to which treatments they receive. This is rightly so, because happy patients are informed and comfortable patients. When undergoing treatments that some might find daunting – ranging from restorative dentistry to injectable facial aesthetics – it’s important to know you’re in safe hands and undergoing a safe procedure. At our Derby dental practice, we offer dermal fillers for all patients who receive our consult first. But are dermal fillers safe?

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How dental implants improve your dental health

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30% of adults smile more than 20 times day. According to numerous surveys these will be the same people who are more likely to be promoted at work and lucky in love. Smiles are powerful! 14% of adults smile less then 5 times a day. If you fall into this latter category, is it because you’re embarrassed about your smile – because you have missing teeth? Dental implants can restore your smile and your self confidence.

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