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Implant-retained Dentures

Tired of your dentures or your smile letting you down? Missing out on enjoying a juicy steak or crisp apple? Come and talk to us about implant-retained dentures and find out how we can help put a smile back on your face.

Denture stability can be improved by anchoring your denture to one or more dental implants. An artificial root made from titanium is placed in the jaw and a denture with precision attachments is constructed that clips onto the implants very firmly. The result is a denture that is stable and retentive.

Studies have found that patients with implant-retained dentures (or dentures over implants as they are sometimes known) have improved speech, better chewing efficiency, increased nutritional intake and a general improved quality of life when compared to their conventional dentures.

Benefits of Implants

  • They are securely fixed thus allowing you to smile with confidence.
  • They prevent that caved in look seen with poorly fitting dentures.
  • They allow you to eat the foods you love.


How many dental implants will I need?

This depends on how many teeth you have missing. As a general rule we can ‘bridge’ between implants, so if you have four teeth missing in a row we could place two implants at each end and suspend two teeth between them. If you have no teeth at all, then it is possible to provide a new full set of teeth with four or six implants

What are the added benefits of dental implants?

When teeth are lost the bone that held them in your jaw will shrink. Placement of dental implants can preserve this bone, maintaining the shape and structure of the lips and cheeks preventing the ageing ‘caved in’ look of older people with dentures.

What’s next?

Join us for a consultation where we will discuss the solutions available and provide a treatment estimate of costs relating to your specific needs.