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Your guide to expert dental implant treatment

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and provide exceptional aesthetic and dental health benefits. Carrying out this highly-advanced procedure requires specialist skills and knowledge. At Raynesway Dental in Derby, our expert implantologist has over 13 years’ experience in the tooth-implant field. Dr Ravi Talati trained in the UK, Europe and USA to build a wealth of experience that’s invaluable to our patients here in Derby. We also accept referrals from other dentists to provide tooth implants for their patients.

The entire team at Raynesway Dental has advanced training in dental implants skills. That means we’re able to provide you with the very best dental implant treatment experience from assessment and planning all the way through to ongoing care and maintenance.

We’ve detailed the different steps of the dental implant treatment process below. They are a good general guideline but are likely to vary depending on your needs and goals. Dr Ravi Talati will develop an individual treatment plan for you if you decide to go ahead with dental implant treatment.

Benefits of dental implant treatment

  • Can replace single or multiple missing teeth
  • Can also secure dentures with implant retained dentures
  • Implantologist-led treatment that is completely tailored to you


Initial consultation for dental implant treatment at Raynesway Dental, Derby

Our implantologist, Dr Ravi Talati, carries out thorough and in-depth consultations to help evaluate if dental implants are suitable for you. Most adults in good general health are suitable for dental implant treatment but factors such as smoking and gum disease can affect potential outcomes.

The consultation will include finding out more about your medical history and a full examination of your mouth and teeth. We’ll also take some X-rays and models of your teeth.

There may be other treatment options for you to consider such as crowns and bridges and cosmetic dentures. (Link to restorative and cosmetic dentures page) Dr Ravi Talati will talk through each option in detail including timings and costs to help you come to the right decision for you.

Expert planning of your dental implant treatment

Meticulous planning is an essential part of the tooth implant treatment process at Raynesway Dental in Derby. It optimises potential results to help you achieve your perfect smile. We’ll use the X-rays and models taken during your assessment to work out the optimal position for an implant, how many tooth implants you will need and the quality and amount of bone to place the implant/s into.

It’s important to stabilise any dental health problems before tooth implant treatment begins, so we will plan to do this at this stage. We will also extract any failing teeth at this point.

Specialist dental implant placement

Implant placement is a small surgical procedure that’s carried out under local anaesthetic. Tooth implants are made of 3 parts – a titanium screw/rod, a connecting part and a crown (the part that looks like a real tooth). During this stage, the screw is placed precisely into your jawbone.

Dr Ravi Talati will make an incision in your gums before making a small hole in the bone with a specialised drill. He will then use an alignment pin to insert the screw part of the tooth implant into the hole. The site is then stitched with self-absorbing stitches.

Healing and integration

Tooth implants can take from 3 months to 6 months to fuse with your bone. You’ll be able to wear temporary replacement teeth or dentures during this time to avoid any obvious gaps.

When our implantologist is happy with the level of integration, he we will fit the permanent crown or dentures onto the implant. The crowns or bridges are created using the impressions of your teeth taken during the initial assessment to ensure a perfect match in shape, size and colour. We’ll also check your bite to make sure that the implant feels comfortable and correct.

Looking after your dental implants for the long term

It’s vital to care for your dental implants to help ensure success of the implant treatment and longevity of the tooth implant. You will need to clean your implant as you would your natural teeth. We’ll give lots of advice and guidelines on how to clean and floss properly. It’s also essential to attend all check-up and hygiene appointments.

Why choose Raynesway Dental for your tooth implant treatment and care?

  • The whole practice has advanced training in implant skills
  • Comprehensive planning helps you decide which type of implants best suit your needs and budget
  • We invest in the latest, most advanced equipment and use implant techniques recognised for their innovation and reliability
  • We will treat you with the highest level of care, courtesy and comfort as though you are a family member