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The dental implant process

At Raynesway Dental, we are expertly equipped to deal with damaged or broken teeth and accept referrals from other dentists to provide their patients with implants. A dental implant is a fixed, strong alternative to removable dentures. They can also act as a firm anchor for dentures and bridges, to prevent them from wobbling in your mouth. Tooth implants are colour and shape matched to your existing teeth to ensure a completely natural look. Unless you tell them, someone will have no idea you have dental implants.

The process begins with your initial consultation, where your dentist will perform an x-ray on your mouth, review your dental history and create a mould of your teeth from which to construct the implants. The mould will make sure your implants fit you perfectly, so you can receive the best possible outcome from your treatment.

After your consultation and your mould has been sent away, your implants are created and are then ready to be inserted. The procedure is done under sterile conditions using mild anaesthetic and for particularly nervous or apprehensive patients, sedation can be an option. We want all of our patients to feel completely at ease during treatments, so it’s important to speak to your dentist if you are feeling anxious.

The titanium implant is placed onto your jawbone and will fuse to the bone itself, making the implant incredibly sturdy and strong. Over a period of up to 6 months, the implant settles within your mouth and if necessary, temporary dentures or bridgework can be worn until the tooth implant is ready to be cosmetically enhanced. After this is complete, natural looking porcelain crowns are added. Once again, you can smile with confidence.

What can dental implants do for you?

  • Restores full mouth function
  • Does not limit your diet or lifestyle
  • Subtle and completely natural looking

Why Choose Us For Your Implant Care?

  • The whole practice has advanced training in implant skills.
  • Comprehensive planning is offered to help decide which type of implants best suit your individual needs and budget.
  • We invest in the latest, most advanced equipment and use implant techniques recognised for their innovation and reliability.
  • We will treat you with the highest level of care, courtesy and comfort as though you are a family member.

Implants require specialist skills and knowledge to place them, which is why we have Dr. Ravi Talati, who has a special interest in implants and has over 13 years’ experience. This skilled implantologist will gently place the dental implant root and you will return to us to have your replacement tooth created and fitted.