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It is very important that we look after our feet, as they are expected to carry us great distances throughout our lives, with very little in the way of pampering, care or attention. Most adults cram their feet into ill-fitting fashion shoes most of their working lives and sometimes barely manage to walk. What’s more we tend to ignore minor foot problems until they become major ones!

Our friendly team of experienced foot care specialists provide a complete chiropody and podiatry service and offer treatment and assistance for a wide range of problems with feet including corns, callous or hard skin, in growing toe nails and verrucas. We can also perform nail surgery.

Visiting a chiropodist can help improve mobility and maintain fit, active and pain free feet. We treat patients with general foot problems and can provide foot care, advice and assessment for patients suffering from diabetes.

We also provide orthotics and corrective insoles and can offer advice on foot care and footwear.

At Raynesway Dental Practice in Derby we have a fully qualified chiropodist and podiatrist on hand. Alison Barley qualified as a chiropodist in 2000 at the SMAE institute in Berkshire and is fully registered with the Health Professions Council in London. Before qualifying, Alison had 14 years in nursing at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, eight of which were in orthopaedics.

The chiropody room is well equipped, clean and comfortable, and although Alison are based upstairs at the practice it is possible to see patients in one of the downstairs rooms if required – just call us in advance to let us know.

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Fees guide
New patient appointment £33
Regular appointment £27
Toe nail surgery £200 - £250
Toe nail reconstruction from £5 - £30


Will you be able to solve my foot problems in one visit?

Yes normally, but this is dependant on the problem. Most things can be dealt with in one session, however many people return in 4 - 12 weeks. Problems such as hard skin, corns and callous may well reoccur, and of course, ordinary nail re-growth is inevitable.

I have had verrucas for years and tried everything. How do you get rid of them?

Verrucas are actually a virus, and since there is no cure for a virus, you have to wait for the body’s immune system to deal with them. There are many treatments available and we decide upon the best method for each individual. All treatments are designed to stimulate the immune system into dealing with the virus.

How do I get rid of fungal nail?

Each patient is individual and we will decide on a treatment befitting to that person’s needs. Treatments range from topical lotions, creams and nail reduction to anti-fungal medicine, usually prescribed by the GP and used in conjunction with regular nail reduction and trimming.

Should I use a corn plaster?

Sometimes the use of a corn plaster may help to remove a corn, but in our experience, they can often cause more trouble. If a person is diabetic or has circulatory problems, they should definitely not be used. It is far easier and less problematic to pay us a visit and have the corn dealt with professionally.