Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Derby is becoming extremely popular and our patients from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and nationwide say whitening helps boost their smile and their confidence.

It’s only natural to want your smile to look as good as possible but even with the best dental habits, few, if any of us, will ever have truly gleaming white teeth without some cosmetic help.

Some people will choose teeth whitening at our derby dental practice to remove stains and discolouration built up over several years and perhaps made worse by smoking, tea, coffee, curries or red wine. Others will just want to give their teeth an extra boost by improving their colour and lustre.

Anyone considering teeth whitening should consult their dentist first, as not every set of teeth will be suitable for the process. Factors that could prevent whitening going ahead include having had veneers, being pregnant or having hypersensitive teeth.

We strongly recommend you have air polishing first to rid your teeth of stubborn stains and restore them to their natural whiteness. This procedure also helps tooth whitening last longer.

Your newly whitened teeth are bound to improve your confidence about flashing a big smile and perhaps even shave a few years off your appearance.