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Cosmetic Dentures

We believe that everyone should be able to eat, chew, smile with confidence and talk with ease – regardless of how many of their own teeth they have left. The talented dentists at Raynesway Dental Derby have many years’ experience of providing natural looking dentures to replace missing teeth and attracts patients from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and nationwide.

The fact that you are wearing false teeth should be your secret and something you can share with people only if you want to. Your false teeth will be carefully created to match your existing teeth and are specially fitted to ensure that your quality of life is not affected.

Our skills and teamwork will help you continue to enjoy the foods you love and should only serve to improve your social life, not hamper it with fears of your denture falling out at embarrassing moments.

We can anchor your dentures to dental implants for even greater stability.


  • Enjoy the confidence of having natural looking dentures that blend in with your own teeth.
  • We will carefully create and fit your new dentures so that you can continue to eat the foods you love.
  • Dental implants can provide a secure anchor for dentures and can help improve your facial profile.


How do implant dentures work?

Implant supported dentures, or over dentures as they are sometimes known, are removable dentures that are connected to either a ball or bar attachment, which in turn is anchored on two or more implants. The implants secure the denture and provide better function and comfort.

My dentures make me look old – how will implant dentures help?

When teeth are lost, the jawbone shrinks and this can make the face look older or ‘caved in’, even when wearing dentures. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw and this helps prevent this process.

I avoid eating certain food – will implants help?

A full upper denture covers the palette of the mouth and reduces the ability to taste foods. With dental implants, you can have the palette removed from your upper denture so you can taste and enjoy your food once again.

How many dental implants will I need?

If you have no teeth at all, then it is possible to provide a new full set of teeth with just four or sometimes six implants.